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weeeee i am in the mood to write a long detailed entry so i WiLL!!!!!!!!!
ok yes today i went to seans house around like 2 or something and we hung out for a bit ...then his brother went to go get a haircut and mike came over and he got his kilt because it was his birthday yesterday and that was his present lol. yes yes a mens kilt from ebay. insane? i know... but he was happy with it and he put it on and automatically turned into a sex magnet..yep. hmhmhm then we watched road trip which is the dumbest movie ever but really funny. la dee da then lets seeeee seans bro came home with his haircut which looked quite nice and it was so weird cause he looked so different cause he had like longyy hair for awhile there. nhmhmhhm thennn bryan came over and that was amusing because that kid is absolutely crazy but like good crazy unless youre on his bad side in which case its bad crazy but ANYWAY. after some time j and bryan left and me n mike n sean hung out woo and then mike went home and then me n sean hung out wink wink lol jk. glnilw boo then seans mom came home and they drove me home.
that entry had so so many hmms and "and then"s. how annoyingg!!
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