tinkerbell as a pirate (serena03) wrote,
tinkerbell as a pirate

3 things you wear every day:: umm...i dunno
Have you ever thrown things at cars?: hahaha yea..eggs, water balloons, those fourth of july exploding things, paintballs..u name it
What did you throw?: see above
Do you have a cell phone?: yep
Last 4 digits are..: 1576 i think
Boyfriend or friends?: i have both
Have you ever been hit on by an much older member of the opposite sex?: eww yes
would you ever propose to a guy?:no!
Whats your favorite thing to do in the summer?: go to beach!
What would you do if a little kid came up to you,kicked you, and ran away?: run after and say im the devil and scare him
Do you keep things you do in your relationships secret or public?: secret mostly
Are you ok with PDA?: yepppp pda good
Do you like camping?: ive never been camping..i think id like it though
Do you like Aretha Franklin?: uhh i dunno
Have you ever went streaking?: yeaa
Are you a people person?: yes
what is the funniest name you have ever heard?: nosmoking! funky fashion! female! REALLY!!
Do you smoke?: no
drink?: no
what is on the walls of your bedroom?: more than what should be
have you ever played ddr?: huh?
ever watch the O.C?: nope
Do you follow the show American Idol?: i hate that show...
Like the band Train?: huh?
favorite song by them?: huh?
mom or dad?: lol
would you say you are modest?: i dunno
like to share?: yea
how much makeup do you wear?: depends
do you wash your face before you go to bed?: usually
bite your nails?: not as a habit
like to do provocative dance moves?: lol
ever wash your hair in another place other than the shower or bath tub?: yea
is the word love abused?: YES YES YES YES YES
think pickup lines are dumb and no one used them in real life?: yeaaa but theyre so funny
how many siblings do you have?: 1
how often do you brush your teeth?: a few times a day
what do you want to be when you grow up?: alive
Ever go out dancing?: yep
Can you say no to people?: yes
ever sneak out?: yes
embarrasing moment?: yes
i love you..: thank you i love you too
do you like rap: not most
do you paint your nails often?: yea kinda
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