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awww my sleeping dog is so cute. and fuzzy. and lovable. and muttly. ok everybody say it with me now "awwwwwwwwww". good.
la dee daa. friday i went to the mall with marisa and liz and me and mar went to talk to liz's abercrombie guy who is TWENTY TWOOOO oh boo and has a gf. so sigh that idea is gone. then in sephora, me and mar had too much eye makeup on so we used a little bottle of what we thought we makeup remover. it wasnt. our eyes were burning ALOT and then we figured out it was windex. thats SO dumb. blue cleaning fluid in the makeup remover bottle...and the makeup remover is actually blue also. so this isnt even a laugh at cate and mar for being stupid story...cause we thought it was makeup remover. after the mall, i went and babysat and made 30 bucks...most of which is gone. ROAR. i need that money to buy my boyfriend a birthday present (sean please dont comment and say not to buy you anything =] ).
saturdayyy...hmm. my dad picked me uppith and then we drove to englishtown and then picked up my sis from play practice. we then went to church and then to point pleasant to get my cousin joe. it was soo much fun. we went to the movies but we were two hours early so my dad slept in the car while me and joe and sarah went walking around to random stores getting dirty looks. we were in some bonton place, which as far as i can tell is an imitation macys, and me and my sister were dancing to one of those nature sound machines. we then went to see our movie (the whole 10 yards) which was terrible. borrrinnggg. after it was over, we had like two hours to kill before my dads movie got out so we went to the a&p and then me and sarah made an olympic sport out of shopping cart racing. joe is cool cause he got me the boysetsfire cd..the tomorrow come today one. woo woo then inside the movie theater it was like 12 30 am and me and my sis decided to clean the lobby! oh joy.
then we went home and slept.
today i went to seans house! i like going to seans house because it is fun because my boyfriend is fun. also stupid cause he fucked up his shirt. hee hee. hes not actualyl stupid. but fun nonetheless.
llalalaa so weee i hung out there all day. and he got me brussels because he is aweeesommmeeeeee.
tomorrow is school. this is bad.
29 school days till summer break =].
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