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wheww im kinda tired. today was pretty busy. school all day, math first period then history where we had a sub but i did work during class actually lol, then a free where i read that grapes of wrath book for english and talked to mir. hmmhm then lunch which nothing really happened i dont think except for i bothered liz alot about her choosing to leave certain parts out of stories ahem ahem lolol. thenenen french class where were reading le petit prince and im being so good and im really trying to actually read it in french cause i didnt even buy the english version which is awesome. just for the record, six year olds cant fly planes and the prince isnt a midget.
weee then free and i went to the library with kaitlyn and amanda n lindsey and i wrote my fat people essay. obesity is so stupiddd roar. lalala then english where we went to have an outdoor suprise party for coleman and i made a dandelion chain and wore it on my head like a hippie except for the pollen made me all allergy like and it sucked cause i was like sniff sniff sniff all the way through concert choir. thennn chem last period but i missed it to go to the math olympics with all of us math nerds except for none of us are nerds really but yeaaaaa. nick pardo is obsessed with college..its so funny. i talked to moose n mel n andrew burbin a bit about stuff i dont even remember and actually on the subject CONGRATULATIONS MELANIEEEE for winning the images contest cause your poem was awesome! so weeeeee.
OMG THE MATH WAS SO HARDDDD!! i took it with ed and i never really talked to ed before but today i did and he is a very nice boy. it was supposed to be precalc but it wasnt..it was like...all logical thinking problems..so weird. and difficult. after that we all had free food and i talked to everyone about APs and all and mr manske even called me smart and i was like BEAMing!! al;alaal to9ok bus back to school for CULTURAL EVENING!! la dee da we danced the chihuahua which is a mexican folk dance and some german folk dance which has some long german name that i cant remember. the chihuahua was funny though..i think there was like 8 of us and christina lonuzzi was my partner and no one knew what we were doing but we all played it off pretty well...and it was cool cause we got to wear sombreros! now i am home and i feel so bad cause my bf is so so so so so sick! poo.
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