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wee. so thursday, right? its so nice out today!! first period was math where i had a test and i hope i did well..but im not gonna jinx it =]. second was a free where i sat around reading the chem thingy and then we all found out that todays the deadline for taking sat 2s unless you wanna pay the late fee and we all flipped out. anyway i went to platis and she recommended me for the history one so im taking that, and the writing since its required. i was gonna take the math 1 but everyone said i was crazy for taking three, so instead i think ill just take math 2 next year. third was french and la dee da normal. lunch was an images meeting and i have decided that i like the kind of poetry that no one likes and i hate the kind that everyone likes. stupid fucking overused rain metaphors just dont do it for me, thanks. and there are way too many people in sia who are wallowing in self pity in the depths of their darkened souls or somethign like that. but yea images people said you cant write poems about happy stuff, or in melanie's words, poems about soda, and i say WHY NOTTTT roarrrr lol. boo so after lunch was supposed to be history but instead was the inductions for the french, spanish, and latin honor societies. i got inducted into the french one last year but i hadta go anyway cause im in the society thing and i got a second year pin with the eiffel tower on it. thats cool. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. then after me and lindsey stole some cookies and drinks from the table thing and it was free. it was so nice out and my free was wasted reading grapes of wrath. the book isnt terrible, but the chapters are SO long. afetr was concert choir and we sang. duh. after concert choir, we all hung around and talked to weiss and we might do cabaret next year for the musical whhich would be SOOOOOO awesome! dudeee weiss called me an excellent dancer and i was gonna cry. i was beaminggggg haha cause i dunno lol i was just so happy. at that point we were all late for english and i was eating ice so i put the ice in a bag and smudged my mascara up a lil and told coleman that i fell down the stairs and hit my head and i hadta get ice and since i was dizzy everyone else came with me. she believed it and no one got in trouble! yay. i got a good grade on the english quiz also. last period was chem..boring as usual. after school i had detention cause i didnt feel like going yesterday being as i had mroe important things to do. it wasnt bad tho cause mr roschinotti was the detention guy and he let me go online and register for my sat 2s.
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