tinkerbell as a pirate (serena03) wrote,
tinkerbell as a pirate

lalalaa tuesday!
first was math...ok ok...second was history..we had that visitor dude in class today oh joy. third was free and i did some hw. then lunch and i sat around and had to have my soup without mar and that made me sad because it was the weird/good barley one. poooo after that was french during which we had a test and stuff and then the class saw my new french penpal sebastien weee. lalala then free and i did nothing and then english and i did nothing then concert choir and i did nothing then i left for the history olympics which was SOO fun even though i was an alternate so my score didnt count. but liz placed third and mir got first and gabe got third in a different division and WOOOOOO we have a smart school finally!!!!! the free food was good, as we all expected it to be and mel told us an arian falling off a cliff story (SERIOUSLY!!) which was SOOO funny. then during the awards ceremony people were whistling at me and liz when we were onstage and that was weird cause also college guys were calling us jailbait....college guys are so strange and rather friendly lol.
mhmhmh after that i came home and went to the mall all by myself and got sean a bday present! yay me. and i spent like a hundred years reading cards and cracking up. i love stupid cards. i really do. sean is gonna smack me when he sees how dumb my card for him is. its so great. kjnifbwibw.
lalalalalaala now i am home and some person ahem ahem is being annoying.
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