tinkerbell as a pirate (serena03) wrote,
tinkerbell as a pirate

well im conducting an experiment to find out how people view me. im asking random people to describe me in about 3 words. this is what i got. after a few people i hadta ask people to give me like...meaningful words.
marisa- pretty, tall, smart, skinny, fOooonay!
nancy (hers is like the best because she thought about it and didnt say something to shut me up!)- passionate, capable and blithe but i didnt know what blithe meant so she said it means that although you may have a lot on your shoulders, and you have a lot of meaningful things to deal with, you're still able to be animated and sunny, especially when you know it'll make other people feel better
sean- fantastic, beautiful, deep. hes the first person to call me deep EVER i think because hes one of the few people i have deep conversations with who sees the serious side of me every so often lol.
mica- pretty, nice, and model like
vin (school vin not vinny vin)- pretty, big smile, crazy (he said in a good way)
justin- i dunno i dunno and i dunno (how descriptive!)

this has been the best experiment ever. it made me happy.
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